In Peace & War

The Story of The Queen’s Royal Hussars (The Queen’s Own and Royal Irish)

By Robin Rhoderick-Jones

Pen & Sword 2018

This volume covers the history of the Queen’s Own Hussars and Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars both prior to and since their amalgamation in 1993.

Chapters cover the early days, from the Battle of the Boyne through to Waterloo, before moving on to the wars of the Victorian period as well as the First World War – Winston Churchill serving with the Queen’s Own Hussars in India and the Sudan.

The 4th Hussars fought mainly as dismounted troops during the First World War at Ypres and Loos, with a brief mounted action at Cambrai in 1917. However with increased mechanisation by the Second World War the Hussars’ mounts had changed to the armoured kind, and a chapter explores the history of the regiment during the conflict.

The majority of the book covers the period post-Second World War, from Malaya, Korea, Aden, Borneo to the period of the troubles and deployment to Northern Ireland.

More recently the regiment has been deployed to the Gulf, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The book features many illustration, photos, and maps, and useful appendices cover commanding officers, battle honours, and Victoria Cross recipients.