The Great War 100: Decisive Battles of the First World War

Ten Infographic Postcards

Scott Addington

Great War 100Scott Addington’s approach towards educating people about conflicts and battles has been to try and think outside the box about what the average person might want to read. With a range of successful ‘Layman’s Guides…’ and ‘5 Minute Histories…’ under his belt, Scott has also pioneered the use of infographics in this field, with a particular emphasis on how they can be used in an educational setting.

These postcards showcase some of the infographics that appear in the book ‘The Great War 100: Visualising the Great War’, which has received glowing feedback from the education sector and beyond.

This is an attractive set of cards, well-produced on quality, glossy card, and packaged and presented very professionally. At 20cm x 20cm they are a decent size. The ten battles included are Mons, Tannenberg, Gallipoli, Loos, Verdun, the Somme, Third Ypres, Cambrai, the German Spring Offensive, and Amiens. On the front each contains some standard information such as a map showing its location, the dates, key protagonists, and a summary of what happened. A series of infographics then highlight key statistics or events. The back of each card has a series of ‘Did you know…?’ bullet points with slightly more text, as well as a quote from someone who took part in the battle.

The benefit of these postcards in an educational setting is immediately apparent. They could be used to stimulate further discussion or for group work researching the battles or carrying out a comparison of the battles.

By their very nature they are catalysts for further reading (try summarising the Somme in three sentences!), but as a conversation piece and for provoking further discussion and debate, these are a superb resource.

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The Great War 100 – Decisive battles of the First World War – 10 Infographic Postcards